Welcome on Webubbub!

Webubbub is a Websub hub.

Important: this hub is public and doesn't require any registration.

If you have a blog, you can configure your RSS or Atom feed by adding this link element:

<link href="https://websub.flus.io/" rel="hub" />

Aggregators that support Websub will soon discover the link and subscribe to this hub.

Next time you'll publish an article, just send a POST request to the hub with the following parameters:

For instance, with curl:

curl -d "hub.mode=publish&hub.topic=<URL of your feed>" -X POST https://websub.flus.io/

It should work well but Webubbub is still young so please be comprehensive if you encounter bugs.

source code

Webubbub is brought to you by Marien Fressinaud. Please consider support my work by taking a subscription to Flus (in French), a service to aggregate, save and share links from all over the Web (based on flusio).